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North Dakota's accredited Aronia Grower!

Located in the Red River Valley of Eastern North Dakota, Nelson Aronia Farm currently has 18,000 Aronia Bushes. Nelson Aronia Farm grows and markets fruit which will be cleaned and processed before you receive our product. 

Also commonly referred to as chokeberry, Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) hails from the Rosaceae family of plants, a family that includes many important edible and ornamental crops such as apples, plums, roses, and almonds. Resistant to drought, insects, and disease, aronia is a hearty plant with cold tolerance of -40° F, or zone 3. The deciduous shrubs produce dark purple, nearly black berries as a result of their high anthocyanin content – a factor which also contributes to the extraordinarily high antioxidant content in aronia berries.

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